Stanley Cup Game 7

Game 7 is in the books. It was an exciting, historic, surprising, and for some of us a gut wrenching night. It was a very strange game, at the beginning the Boston Bruins came out hot and it seemed like it was gonna be there game.

The game in a nutshell was lost by the end of the first quarter. Boston threw everything they had at the Blues and they did not get anything in return. The Bruins found themselves in a 2-0 deficit by the end of the first period and you could tell the players looked dejected. They were thinking, man we threw everything we had at them yet we are heading into the locker room down 2 against, arguably, the best defensive team in the league.

They came out after that and just looked flat. The Blues played great in the second and third period, they simply sat back and played a 1-4 and just forced turnovers constantly. When you don’t score and get that lead, it’s just gonna be tough to come back, especially when your horses aren’t really doing what they are supposed to do. The second goal at the end of the first was the backbreaker. There’s an unwritten rule in hockey that when there is 10-15 seconds left in the period you just stay on the ice.

In the seven games, overall, the Blues were the better team. If the Bruins didn’t have a great power play they wouldn’t even have won the 3 games. The Blues are better five on five and the Bruins are better on the power play. You just need more out of your best players to win a game like that. It was alarming how ineffective Boston’s first and second lines were. David Krejčí had a terrible seven game series, he had a John Scott type performance, where he didn’t get any points. Krejčí had 2 assists all series and one of those assists came on a throwaway goal at the end of the game. He’s supposed to be one of their key guys, yet he didn’t score a single goal all series. Honestly, it was hard to tell if that was great game planning by the Blues or just Krejčí laying an egg out there. It boggles the mind, how bad the first two lines were.

Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues for winning their first Stanley Cup. These guys are excited, they are swearing and rightfully so, they just won the cup but what in the world was NBC doing? Who is working the censor button? The guys pick up the cup and every single one of them is just throwing the f-bomb around. You’d think the NBC censors would say, “Ok we didn’t get the first 3, 4, 5 or 6 but maybe we should get number 7 or 8.” But clearly they didn’t.

If you want to hear more, be sure to listen to Dropping the Gloves with John Scott on Spotify or iTunes.