A Guy Like Me: Fighting to Make the Cut

A Personal Memoir by John Scott

The John Scott story is the ultimate underdog narrative in sports during 2016 when Scott—in the twilight of his career—went from a joke All-Star fan-voted nominee to scoring two goals and winning the All-Star Game’s MVP title. This is his heartwarming story about an average Joe who became a sports superhero overnight.

Known as a willing-and-able fighter and bruiser in the league, John Scott was a surprising and tongue-and-cheek nominee for the 2016 NHL All-Star Game. He’d been in the league for over eight NHL seasons, playing for teams such as the Wild, Blackhawks, Rangers, Sabres, and the Sharks. Scott’s best attribute as an NHL player was dropping his gloves—never the best player, the 260 pounder did become the most feared fighter in the NHL, racking up extensive penalty minutes. In order to prevent him from playing in the game, his current team—the Phoenix Coyotes—traded Scott to the Montreal Canadians, who demoted him to the AHL team in an attempt to disqualify him from playing in the All-Star Game. Fans were outraged and Scott was devastated. He’d been downgraded in his job—forced to relocate while his wife was pregnant with twin girls. But the fans wouldn’t back down and insisted the NHL let Scott play in the game. The league relented, and Scott not only was invited to attend the NHL game in Nashville, but was nominated a team captain. The media and sports fans at large fell in love with the giant six-foot-eight player who by all means, was just a normal guy and no superstar player. In a true Cinderella story, Scott scored two goals and was the All-Star Game’s MVP. This is his personal memoir—detailing his life growing up and how he was able to keep his sense of humor and become the ultimate Cinderella-Story of hockey.


Below is an excerpt from Chapter 1:

We were survivors. I lived in the Evergreen Trailer Park in Edmonton, Alberta, with my parents, Howard and Marilyn, and my brothers, Jamie and Curtis, until I was five. My brothers and I shared a tiny bed, so there was never much chance to spread out. When my father changed jobs, we moved in with my dad’s mother, who lived out east in Port Dalhousie, Ontario. The move came just in time, too. Soon after we moved, a tornado hit the park area and leveled all the houses except ours. My dad had left behind a ’55 Chevy pickup truck, which he planned to, well, pick up a few months later. It was gone when we got back, and I always wondered who or what took it, the tornado or one of my mom’s brothers, who could have sold it for some extra cash.

Within a year, we packed up shop and moved again, this time to St. Catharines, Ontario, an industrial city about twelve miles from the US border, along the Niagara River. It was the place where I first went to school, and as I settled into the rhythm of my new life, I started to become very curious about my relatives. My parents always did a good job providing for us. They just never really talked much about family history, and they didn’t express a lot of emotion. They always took care of us, but life at home was a little impersonal for us compared to some of our neighbors.


About the Author:

John Scott is a Canadian professional ice hockey player in the National Hockey League. Scott previously played for the Minnesota Wild, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks, Buffalo Sabres, Arizona Coyotes, and Montreal Canadiens of the NHL. Scott was born in Edmonton, Alberta, but grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario. He graduated from Michigan Technological University with a mechanical engineering degree. Scott and his wife Danielle have four daughters: Eva, Gabrielle, Estelle, and Sofia.



December 28, 2016

Looking for inspiration?

"Truly inspirational. John Scott is a true class act. I'm not a typical reader, but I follow hockey very closely and enjoyed this whole thing as it was happening. I read this from start to finish without putting it down. Reading his side of the story is incredible. Way to go, John Scott. You slow-footed goon. You are an All-Star MVP."


January 6, 2017

ALWAYS a sweet and funny guy

"I've been a big fan of Mr. Scott since his Wild days and had the opportunity to meet him a couple of times. ALWAYS a sweet and funny guy. I was angered after the whole NHL All Star game shenanigans and was overjoyed when he finally was able to shine. He absolutely deserved that opportunity and now through this book, we get a peek into his life before and during the aftermath of the All Star game. You will not be disappointed."


December 27, 2017

More than just an all-star story

"As a hockey person this was a really fun and interesting read. I first heard of John Scott during the All Star game voting spectacle and didn't think much of it at first. But after following the story of everything that happened because of this, I gotta say I became invested and John got another fan in me.

Even if you're not as invested in the all-star game as I was, this is still a great book to get insight into the life of a professional hockey player all the way from their junior years up to the NHL. The struggles and successes. The positives and negatives."


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